Friday, October 25, 2013

Tuesdays With Sue...

I went to see Sue this morning and take her some white chicken chili that my dear daughter Jacki made for her.  She was very happy - thank you Jacki!

When someone we love is sick, we want to do something, anything to help.  If you've read my blog or know me, you know I'm not a good cook.  However, the other day I was talking to Jacki and mentioned that I'd like to come up with some things that Cliff could throw in the freezer and pull out when he doesn't want to cook.  Jacki suggested calzones.  Sounded easy enough so I found a "simple" recipe and made 2.

They actually turned out beautiful!  I decided I'd stop by Sue's the next day so I put them in the fridge for the night.  I woke up at 1:30am thinking I hadn't put enough cheese in them and they'd be dry.  Damn it!  They looked so beautiful on the outside but I knew if I took them and no matter how horrible they were, Sue would tell me they were great.

So, the next morning I decided to cut one open and danged if I wasn't right.  Not enough cheese and too dry.  So, lucky for me the guys were heading out early to hunt and I set them on the counter and told them to take them for lunch.

About an hour later, I noticed they had "conveniently" left them.  In fact, they're still in the fridge because they looked so nice on the outside that I just haven't been able to throw them away.  I guess it's time and the donkeys will love them.

So, rather than cooking for Sue, I get to spend every Tuesday with her for a while.  It gives me peace of mind to know that I can, in some small way, help and I also just love spending time with her. 

I love you dear friend and I'm sorry about the picture.  I couldn't find our cruise pictures so I found this on an old blog post.

Why do I look like Bugs Bunny and you look adorable??????


Sheri said...

This makes me so happy! You girls are going to enjoy your Tuesdays!

Dee said...

I am so sorry, you got your cooking skills, or lack thereof, from me. I HATE cooking for company so I don't.

You must look forward to Tuesdays---with Sue. A girls get-together--yeaa.