Monday, May 20, 2013

Interesting Observation...

We were waiting for our flight from Atlanta and there was no place to sit.  The flight before us left so Lorry grabbed a seat and put her bag in the one next to it for me (I was a few feet behind her).  A nice looking, athletic, young, black man jumped over and started to take the seat.  " I'm saving this for her," she said, and pointed to me - standing a foot behind him.  

"What?  You can't save seats!  What the hell?"  

"She's right there!" Lorry said.

"Awwww, COME ON!"  He was very unhappy.

Loud enough for everyone to hear, I looked at him and said.  " you go ahead and take that seat.  I'm a lady and I'll let you have it."

I turned around and walked to an available stool and sat down.  He walked away.

What?  We would never have done that to an old lady!  Then, on the flight to Boise, a couple my age were some of the last ones on the plane.  A nice, peaceful, Rastafarian-type, young, white, hippy dude was taking a seat when the lady asked him if he would let she and her husband sit together and he could take the single seat.

Again, in that whiny-ass voice, he too did the "what!?" thing.  He did not take the single seat.

Rotten-ass, spoiled young people who have no respect for us elders.  KARMA you little turds.  It's going to get you.


Dee said...

Good for you----you did get through to him. The second one, didn't "get it" and no doubt did feel entitled, using that as his excuse for being less than human.

Then there are some who are so kind, so thoughtful, that I am surprised/shocked---and THAT is too bad that we expect bad manners from younger folks.

Anonyvox said...

Oh god, you're not going to turn into one of the Gray Panthers, are you? I remember being at a hotel in PHX for work when I was very conspicuously pregnant, and there was a whole tour bus load of seniors down at the continental breakfast. They had taken every available spot, sometimes saving them for people who were nowhere to be seen by the time I wrapped up the line. I went and asked one if I could sit at their table, and she said, "No. This is saved." I was on the verge of tears because I really just wanted to sit down and eat my breakfast, when this greasy, whiskey-tango looking guy in a shirt with the arms cut off (not with the seniors) and said, "Ma'am, please take my seat." So seniors can be just as big of shit-heels as the younger set. I think rude is rude at any age.

I think nobody is entitled to a seat, but if someone shows up who needs it worse than me or you, we'd both give up our seats for them, regardless of what age they were.