Saturday, March 30, 2013

Our New Additions, Donkeys!

We went out to see the 2 mini donkeys that will be coming to live with us the end of April.  They are just adorable!

I've always loved miniature horses but they bite and kick.  These little girls absolutely LOVE people, even kids.  The kids were all over them and the donkeys followed them everywhere.  You couldn't ask for better friends for our grandkids.

Our friends Rod and Kathy wanted to get some to pull a cart for events in Hidden Springs and we told them that we'd love to keep them here.  So, Monday we start building the fence and the oldest of the 2 they're buying is currently 'getting lucky' so we'll have a baby next spring which Rod and Kathy are giving to us.

I can't wait to get them here and show all the grandkids how to brush them, feed them, and take care of them.  The current owners told us we can let them out of the corral when we're outside and they'll follow us all around just like dogs.  How fun will that be!

I'm excited!


kate said...

THEY'RE SO ADORABLE!!! Oh my gosh, the grandkids are going to LOVE having them there. You're never going to have a weekend to yourself again. ;)

Dee said...

They are so cute . with striped ears ! Blondie has quite the hairdo, she needs two ribbons to keep her hair out of her eyes.

Love the pictures, and it's plain to see that the kids will love their new playmates.

Park said...

He has Ival's hair! Can't wait to meet them.