Monday, March 18, 2013

Coming Along!

So we're making progress on the barn, in fact, it should be done this week!  We can't wait to get the remainder of our things our of storage and have all of our stuff in one place again.

We have a rooster pheasant that has found us.  He's beautiful and not at all afraid.  He's also looking for a girlfriend but I think we'll have to go buy him one or two.  He lives down in the big bush in one of our fields and comes every morning to eat the seed that has dropped out of the feeders.

Linda, Nancy and I went "junking" on the 40 acres Linda used to live on.  It literally "littered" with old stuff.  Mostly rusty old stuff but we've had fun and added a bunch of things we'll sell during our first annual farm sale later this spring.  Old WWII ammo boxes, the complete fan off of an old windmill, old tool boxes that will be wonderful planted with flowers, an old wheelbarrow, and other misc. things that we hauled home.

I just couldn't resist this picture of Linda with the title in the background.  Sorry sister!  I love you!


kate said...

Ha! She goin' kill you!!

That pheasant is gorgeous! You do realize that there are girl pheasants in the don't have to buy them. ;)

Dee said...

The barn is lookin' GOOD, the junk looks fun, the sister and the junker trailer are fine and the pheasant is gorgeous. I love watching them walk---pheasants strut-----so proud.