Saturday, November 17, 2012

Progressive Dinner...

Last night we held a progressive dinner for a friend and neighbor who has been struggling with cancer for several years.

Most of you know me well enough to know I'm no social butterfly.  However, I love the Fanters.  They're some of the best people I know and I wanted to help raise some money for them.  Kim has had to take a leave from her job and I know how devastating cancer can be to your finances.

So, I signed up for the dessert.  Luckily, my lovely daughter Jacki and her husband Tim donated two homemade rum cheesecakes that were the hit of the party while mom, Jacki and I spent the afternoon making chocolate raspberry parfaits and strawberry shortcake.  We won't talk about how these "simple" desserts kicked my culinary-challenged ass, but let's say I was grateful for too much tequila and those who were too full for dessert!

It was an especially fun night because the Fanters were some of the "original 50" in Hidden Springs.  That meant that most of the people who attended last night were those that we started with in Hidden Springs.  The "old" gang that I rarely see any more, those who we used to get together with every Friday night at the Merc for Happy Hour.  It was so much fun to get us all together again.  Even Chuck and Kim attended even though Chuck was in a lot of pain and is usually in bed by 7:30 these days.

Chuck and Cindy

Chuck and Kim

I was amazed.  There were 66 people here, and we still had room to dance if anyone had been capable!

Tad and Denise (our builder)

What a wonderful night.  We raised over $3,000 for the Fanters, great food, wonderful company.  We all talked about needing to do this more often and everyone said we need to "end the party" at our house.  There hasn't been a weekend since we moved in that we haven't had something going on here.  I think we're officially "the party house."  This has nothing to do with us, but our house has become quite popular!  Actually I think this might be good, I've discovered that it's fun to go outside my comfort zone and socialize!

I love it here!


Dee said...

You are the greatest ! Looks like it was a fantastic party, a fun time and quite plainly, everyone loved it.

I'm proud of you and your kind, giving heart. !!!

kate said...

For someone who isn't exactly a social butterfly, you have the PERFECT party house! Looks like fun was had by all.

So Kim has cancer, or Chuck? Or both? UUgghh.