Friday, May 25, 2012

One Vehicle, Two Vehicles, Three Vehicles, STUCK!

So last night Ival called from Jacob Springs...

"Can you come up here and help me with something?"
"Ok.  What are you doing?"


"I'm stuck."


"Do you have a rope up there, or a chain?"
"No, call Tad.  He has a chain."
"Well, Tad would probably be more help, why don't you just call him?"
"I'm too embarrassed."


So I ran to Tad's house and borrowed his chain.  Didn't even have to tell him what it was for, he knew - and was laughing as he loaded the chain in my truck.

"He's stuck again isn't he?"
"Why didn't Ival call me?"
"Too embarrassed."
"Ok, call me if you can't get it out."

I got to Jacob Springs and looked over the road to see the 4 wheeler and Ival's work truck down below.  He had taken the 4 wheeler into the bog to "check the fence."  What that really means is "I got all my watering done, wasn't ready to come home, so I decided to take a drive, to where I know is, and has always been, a big deep bog."

Here is how the evening unfolded.


At this point, we could smell the tires burning and we could hear the radiator boiling.

I asked Ival to shut all the windows while we were trying to get Goldie unstuck, but nooooooo.

So this is how we started, and how we left things last night.  Except that now Goldies front end shimmies so we have to take it down and get the tires rotated to see if that will fix her.  It's been raining all day.  Ival may not get his truck back until July when the bog dries up.  If men had brains that worked more like a woman's, we wouldn't have problems like this now would we?


kate said...

Oh fer....are you serious?? How many times is that dang fool going to get stuck in the EXACT SAME SPOT before he figures out not to drive to the pond?? We love him...but he's not the sharpest tool in the shed, is he?

Dee said...

None of those vehicles are powerful enough to pull another stuck one out of that deep mud. Could have burned up the transmissions , motors and tires too. ------- and why can't men take a simple suggestion, like -----close the windows. Oh, no, they might be thought of as henpecked. I am so happy ----- alone.

Jodi said...

Kate, this wasn't the pond end of the property. It was the opposite end. The thing is, we have a SPRING that feeds the pond, which runs the entire length of the property. It's a bog every year until July.

Kev said...

I'll tread reeeaaaaaall softly here....but to boys this is what life is about!

Jodi said...

Chev, you're so right. It's Ival's fun, even when he gets stuck. You guys are a bit odd aren't you?

Kev said...

My dad taught me that women are absolutely great, but one of their main responsibilities is to keep us dudes from having too much fun!

But if it involves a 4WD, chains, mud and 3-5 guys it is QUALITY time for sure!