Thursday, May 17, 2012

Graduation Vacation...

Adam is done with his Boise High class tomorrow.  Next week is his finals for IDVA.  I couldn't be happier!  I never wanted to be a teacher, and I'm not a good one.  It's been a very looooong 4 years.  In fact, now that I think about it, I'm the one that should be going on the little getaway!

But, it's over.  Because Adam and his best friend are joining the military, we (Ben's parents and us) decided to send them on a trip for graduation.  After all, we didn't have to pay for senior pictures, graduation announcement, etc.  (this is justification to my 2 older kids who didn't get trips for graduation.  Yes, I feel very guilty.)

So Adam and Ben are going to Costa Rica to stay at the Mountain Paradise Resort

We found a really good deal.  5 nights including airfare for $1,200.  Amazing birds, monkeys, volcano, zip lines, and jungle exploration.  And, you only have to be 18 to drink.  Now that scares me.  But they'll have 4 days to explore.

I might add, I have always wanted to go to Costa Rica.  And for prices like this, I just may do that someday.

Just FYI, we used "Bookit" and it was so easy and I thought the prices were even better than Orbitz and a few others that I've used before.  If you're looking for a vaca, check them out!


Dee said...

A great trip, to create great memories. The flight alone will be exciting and then---Costa Rica. They'll be fine, juuust fine !

Kev said...

My cousin and her hubby just got back from a year in Costa to have their baby in US. Awesome place....Adam will never ever forget. Great tip on travel site too, we are still looking for a cabin, condo or whatever in Estes Park area for August.

Sheri said...

When we went to Costa Rica the two things that struck me most was the humidity, it was brutal, way worse than Hawaii....and the poverty. It was a beautiful place though!

kate said...

Oooh I'm so jealous! Can't wait to hear all about it! And that is a screamin' price!!