Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Like Having Disneyland in Our Backyard!

When we first bought Jacob Springs, I looked and looked for a tractor for Elmer.  I knew how much fun he would have if he were able to start the things he wanted to.  Unfortunately, even a 1942 John Deere in running condition was more than we could afford at the time.

Well, we could be in big trouble.  Elmer's niece's husband informed him last night that he has a tractor in Portland that he wants to bring to Boise and offered to let Elmer use it on Jacob Springs. 

Kidding!  This is going to be like having Disneyland in the backyard for Elmer this spring.  He can put the pasture in himself instead of us hiring someone else to do it, maybe he can do some work on the pond, who knows!  I think we'll save ourselves a bunch on money.  I know we won't be seeing much of him once the tractor gets here. 

Thanks Steve.  You've just put the kid in the candy store!


Dee said...

---and Ival in the hospital. I predict bad, crazy things happening. We know its very muddy where the spring water runs, and that's where the trouble begins. You might have to ban him from that area.

JACKI said...

he's just going to be on cloud 9 this spring & summer!

Kev said...

OMG....he is one of the luckiest men on Earth! How does it feel to be roll models for Missouri kids 10 years behind you in nearly every way? Man question: What brand and size is it?

Jodi said...

Kev, I have no idea. But evidently, it has all the attachments he'll need. Heaven!