Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day, 2011

Today started out like any other.  Everyone sleeping late on the weekend - except me.  Mom came over and we opened presents and had a humble breakfast (I cooked).  It was a very nice morning and I'm so glad mom lives so nearby.

Then something happened that made for a day I'll never forget.  As a mother, we're weird that way.

Adam was always such an adorable boy.  He had those round glasses and cute little face.  But, he always had a mind of his own.   He's certainly not perfect, but today, I think I was more proud of him than I've ever been. 

He came downstairs a while ago and said he was going for a walk.

"Are you ok?"
"I'll talk to you later.  See ya."

I could tell he'd been crying.  Oh crap, did his girlfriend break up with him on Christmas?  Was one of his friends in trouble?  I watched peeked out the window as he walked up the hill from the house.  My heart was breaking thinking of what could be wrong.  After all, it was Christmas, no one should hurt on Christmas.

Adam came home and sat in the chair.  He started telling me how he had gotten text messages from 5 of his friends.  Each one told him how much he meant to them.  He went on to tell me that his friend Ben had called him from his vacation in California to tell him that he "loved him."  He said they both broke down and cried while they were talking. 

Ben and Adam went to daycare together and have know each other since they were crawling.  They've been such good friends for so many years.  Ben has signed up with the Marines to become Special Forces and will be leaving in June for boot camp.

Jake and Adam have been friends for over 10 years.  They went to grade school together and Jake lives up here.  Jake is such a quiet boy and has had some hard times over the years. 

The twins went to grade school with Adam as well.  They've since moved to Emmett but they have stayed in contact and come over often.  As 18-year-old boys, they've discovered that it's hard to get along with their dad.  They've been living in their car off and on for the last several months and evidently, Adam has been trying to help them however he can.

Luke is a fairly new friend, but spends most weekends here.

So, this morning, all these boys either called or texted Adam telling him what a great friend he's been and how much he's helped them get through some tough times.  Ben is probably beginning, as they all are, to realize that their lives are about to change.  It's hard to know that the friends you've become so close to will all be going their separate ways and things won't be the same.

I told Adam how proud I am of him - to know that he's kept his friends for so long and that he means so much to them that they would all take this day to remind him. 

I know this post won't mean much to my few readers, but it's something that I want to remember.  Things like this are exactly why I write a blog.  As a mom, I'm weird like that.

And then, Ival called me with a surprise he found hanging on the gate of the property (and no, it wasn't something dead).  I can't tell you about that until I get a new camera (tomorrow) so that the picture can accompany the post.   It made what had just happened with Adam, even better.  You know, I have a good feeling that we're going to sell the house this spring...


kate said...

That is soooo wonderful!! I can see how you would be so proud of him, for the boy he has always been, for the man he is becoming.

Good job, both you and Ival. He is who he is because of you.

Sheri said...

aww. I love that! It is so nice that those boys are willing to talk feelings because that is important stuff to hear!

Anonymous said...

about to have dinner guests and I'm sitting here crying like a baby... What a great story aunt jodi!

Jodi said...

That you Kel? I always think "anonymous" is Elmer. But, the spelling was too good!

Dee said...

Adam has made a big difference to his friends. He is sensible,caring and obviously a good influence on the other guys. And that is because he has been much loved, taught through example to be caring---to think of others and their feelings, and to be respectful of others.

I am proud of him and of you two as parents. Thank you for another "good kid".

JACKI said...

Adam IS a pretty darn good kid! I think all 3 of us kids have a pretty good hearted teacher though. ;o)

jaci said...

This brought tears to my eyes, Jodi.

By the way, adam must come by it naturally. You are a great and wonderful friend. I mean it.