Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Day, 2011 - Part Deux...

I mentioned it was a quiet day for Christmas.  About 1:00, Ival decided to go up to the property to "work."  Not long after he left, he called to tell me he had found something hanging on the gate.  It was a beautiful red stocking filled with homemade jam, homemade candy, and a tin full of nuts.

Tucked inside was a wonderful Christmas card with the following:
Dear Guardian of the Foothills.

Merry Christmas!  During this route daily to and from work it was quite intriguing to see your tent go up.

We've spent many a family discussion speculating on your choice of locations.  First,  we thought sheepherders, then moved on to some type of science study, etc.  Whatever your reason, we hope you are having a peaceful Christmas.  Know that we bless you each time we drive by.

By the way, the blue Christmas lights are a nice touch. 

Just as you have provided our imaginations with a lot of material, we hope you will have equal fun guessing about us!

Warmest Holiday wishes to you,

Santa's Elves,
Your Mystery Friends

So we left the following:

I'm sure they think someone lives there full time.  But to me, it was just such a cute thing to find on Christmas day.  I will save the card and frame it for our house when we build it.  It will always remind us of how people have had such a fun time keeping an eye on the tent and what we've done.  I imagine we will wonder for quite some time, possibly forever, who our mystery friends are - unless they stop by sometime and let us know.  Until then, thanks for making for a wonderful memory for our new home...


Dee said...

That is so cool. You have provided them something to discuss over dinner, and as they drive. It is a mutual interest. and so thoughtful to leave the stocking, then the thank you note from you. I hope they do stop some day after your house is built-----I know they'll want a tour. And they'll see their note ---framed. A fun scenario.

jaci said...

I agree with your mom. I can imagine the conversations they have as they drive by. I'm sure they have noticed the positive changes to the landscape, too. Very cool.

You are so blessed.

Jodi said...

We are blessed Jaci. I can't tell you how many times a week people mention the property while I'm working at the Merc. Always asking what's going on and mentioning how much they enjoy seeing what Ival does. It's a lot of fun.

kate said...

Oh my god: best. thing. ever. That brought tears to my eyes.

You do know, don't you, that you really shouldn't ever build a house there. You should just keep the tent up and keep the speculation going for ever and ever.

Jodi said...

Kate, a few weeks ago, someone posted on the HS FB page asking about the "encampment" up the road. I didn't reply because I wanted to see what others would say. Here in the near future, I'll copy and paste the conversation so that you can see what our neighbors had to say!

kate said...

I saw that! Mom mentioned it so I went to the Hidden Springs FB page to read it. Funny!

Anonymous said...

love this too! there are such great people out there! if you get a chance, ask mom about her friend mary and her christmas angel. these stories are so fabulous!
love you aunt jodi.