Thursday, October 20, 2011

First Solo Hunting Trip - Could Have Turned Out Badly...

Adam and one of his best friends took their first solo deer hunting trip a few days ago.  They were both really excited but mom was a bit nervous.  I had to make sure they had enough food and water for 4 days, plus a lighter "just in case."  I'm such a boob!

They were only going outside of Horseshoe Bend - about an hour away.  They got up early and left in time to make it to their hunting spot by daylight.  They saw another vehicle parked where they wanted to hunt so they parked nearby and got out.

The minute they stepped out of their vehicle, they were verbally assaulted by 3 men in their 30s.  Calling them "anal assholes" and a bunch of other 4 letter words asking why they were hunting in the same area.  Adam finally said, "Before you get all nasty, why don't you ask us where we're hunting."  So, one guy asked where they were going and Adam pointed the direction.  The jerk said "Good, we're going that way." 

And they all parted ways.  I keep thinking that this could have turned out really badly.  I wish Adam had gotten a license number.  This grizzly mama would have run down the jerk and told him that he could have ruined my son's first solo hunting trip if Adam had allowed it to happen.  As it turned out, the boys saw a doe but no bucks and had a great time.  Why would 3 30-year-old men talk like that to 2 teenagers? 



Anonymous said...

Thats why there are game wardens... I wish he got a license plate too... where was he and what did the truck look like. I might find these idots and tune them up

Dee said...

The three jerks were threatened by 2 young gentlemen. Hunting is often so territorial and those types shouldn't be allowed to have guns. And they would also bad mouth game wardens.

Good for you Adam---quick thinking.

JACKI said...

wow... do we live in the caveman days? Territorial & dominating?!

Glad things turned out ok. What jerks!

jaci said...

I'm just reading this - how bizarre! Sounds more than territorial - it sounds like they had something to hide. And, yes, it could have turned out very badly. Glad Adam kept his head and his cool.