Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Driver's License...

I got my driver's license at 14. We were living in Garden Valley - no stop lights, I think there were two or three stop signs, no parallel parking, no traffic. It was safe (although I did run off the road several times when it snowed).

Things have changed. Adam took driver's training last fall and easily passed his driving test. Excited, we ran the next day for him to take his written test. FAIL. That's all it took. After many months, he was finally ready to try studying for it again, so yesterday I helped him study then said "Come on, we're going to take your test."

"NO WAY! I'll fail again!"

"Get your shoes on, we're going right now!"

So, mama always wins (ok, I rarely win but I did this time!) and off we went. Filled out all the paperwork (again), paid the fee (again) and off he went to the computer. He whispers to me "Do you think there's any way you can somehow sneak me the answers?" (Did anybody see the Spongebob episode where Patrick the starfish had a walky talky and Spongebob had the other one under his hat and Patrick fed Spongebob all the correct answers so he could pass his boating exam? I didn't think so).

After about 15 minutes he stood and I mouthed to him "No good?" He didn't crack a smile so I thought we were headed home again. He nonchalantly says, "I got 100." What the hell!

I must admit, I'm pretty proud of the Skunk Killer aka Elmer Jr. So, now he'll be driving himself to his Fish and Game class every day. That's the reason he REALLY wanted his license. Evidently, "the bus is full of morons who act like they're 12."

He's also, for the very first time in his life getting almost straight A's. Yep. He started taking a Fish and Game class this year through Boise High (it's actually wildlife biology and ecology) and loves it. He wants to get the best grades in his class, he wants to learn everything he can about it, and he finds learning about wildlife and their habitat absolutely fascinating. He's finally decided that the next two year's grades are going to be very important to getting into college so he can be a Game Warden.

And our buddy Matt here started it all when he took Adam out for a day to find out what a Game Warden does.

Grampa Pogue would be so proud...

I need to get him out for a ride-along during hunting season. Guess it's time to call Matt again!


jaci said...

Jodi! that is so exciting! not the driver's license part so much, but Adam's dream. Don was studying to be a wildlife biologist when I met & married him. He never got his degree but it's so close to his heart.

OK - the driver's license part is cool, too. I failed the driving part when I was 16 and had to wait 2 weeks before I could try again. Crazy. tell Adam CONGRATS!!

Casey said...

OMG, I just sent this link to Matt and called him at home and told him to get online and read it Right. Now. He's going to feel so good that he was able to help the grandson of a man he truly honors. Thanks for writing this--I know it is going to send him right over the moon. :-)

And I'm so glad to have you guys as Fish & Game family. ((HUG))

Jodi said...

Casey, I'm not kidding you, I NEVER dreamed I would see this in Adam. He's never liked school, hated studying, and was always happy "just getting by."

His ride-along with Matt made him so interested in what a Game Warden does, and then when he found this Fish and Game class it made all the difference in the world.

Hopefully with the few connections I have left at F&G I can get him on some check stations, more ride-alongs, maybe some bird releases or trapping big game over the next year or so. I think every thing he can do will only increase his desire to really excell. It's wonderful to see his drive for something worthwhile!

Cudos to Matt for making his first experience such a good one!

kate said...

SO COOL!!! You must be just bursting with pride over him wanting to be a game warden! I love that he's found his passion and that he's GOOD at it! Yay Adam!!!

Jodi said...

Kate, I'm just bursting with pride that he's found SOMETHING that he wants to do and is willing to work hard for it. I wouldn't have cared if it was being a nail tech (ok, that's a lie).

Dee said...

That is soooo exciting, so great and I am so very PROUD of Adam ! Yes, Grampa Bill would and is, very proud of Adam and would love to see a grandson follow his career.
The drivers license is -----WOW . not very many people get 100 ! atta boy, Adam. you are the greatest !

Dee said...

oh yes----Thank you sooo much Matt for being so helpful to Adam, making your day together so inspiring. I truly appreciate you !