Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Stone House...

Life can sure be interesting sometimes. About a week ago, I got a friend request on Facebook from a gal that worked at Fish and Game the same time I did. I worked at the Regional Office and she worked at Headquarters. She retired from there not too long ago.

She told me that my brother had just "married" her daughter and now son-in-law a few weeks ago. The day after we became friends on Fb, she made a post about a book they had written. "How to build a low-cost house of stone". So, I sent her a message and told her how we had just purchased property and asked her about their stone house. She sent me a copy of her book and I got it in the mail today!

They had moved from Arizona and wanted a simpler life where they could be close to hunting and fishing so they found 2 acres near the tiny town of Sweet. Taking a summer and the manpower of their two young daughters and themselves, they built their home in 1973 for $2,090. No, I didn't leave out a zero - $2,000. The rocks were all free - they picked them themselves, and basically the only tools they used were an electric cement mixer, shovels, and trowels. It's a 3 bedroom home, single story and they even had a great time doing it. I'm already halfway through the book. It's super easy to read, lots of pictures and tips, and so easy to understand.

Stone homes seem to last for many, many years. Wouldn't it be something to spend next summer doing something like this? The picture below is as close to their house as I could find, but, their roof is better and they have lots of windows!


jaci said...

DAMN - I would haul rocks to do that!

How cool.

Can you tell me how to find the book? I'd like to get it from the library and show it to Donald. Maybe we'll go that route one day???

JACKI said...

uh... I have to be honest here... this sounds cool (for somebody else) but I aint helpin!

Jodi said...

Jaci, you could call your library and see if they have it but it may just be available from Sharon. It's written by she and her husband Lewis and Sharon Watson. If they don't have it, let me know and I can get you in touch with Sharon (she's on my Fb friends if you want to contact her).

I can definately see you and Don doing this exact thing!

Jacki, we're thinking we might start smaller and build a shelter in one of the pastures.

Dee said...

Yeowwww, that's a lot of work ! I ain't helpin' either. But it would be cool to have ---after its finished. Lots of windows would be necessary----plus it would save from having to haul and place more rocks.

kate said...

I got so confused when I read "my brother recently married her daughter..." I thought our brother done become a polygamist hillbilly!

Mom and Jacki and I will sit in the shade, drink lemonade and tell you where to put that heavy rock you're haulin'.

Another option you should seriously consider is straw-bale. Look it up; it's low cost, very efficient and extremely green.

JACKI said...

LMAO @ Kate! I thought the same thing about 'my brother married... blah blah blah.' lol!