Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Would Somebody Please Make it Stop!

A few days ago the weather showed us having an entire week of 70 degrees or above and sunny! Yesterday, it rained. This mornings weather shows the next 4 days - rain. Supposed to be dry and nice next weekend. I don't believe it, they've said that before.

Our yard looks wonderful, but please, make it stop! I'd really like to have some summer before summer is over. We missed our normal spring - nothing but rain. Now that "spring" is over, can't we have a normal summer?????


caseyoconnell said...

Doooood...I'm tellin' ya. I am so over this weather. I think it's making everyone depressed. Seriously, Matt has been such a grouch the last couple of weeks, and he says the weather has a lot to do with it.

Our yard has never looked better, but I'm willing to make some sacrifices in exchange for some sun.

Dee said...

my verification word is : auckt and that's my opinion !
My lawn is gorgeous, but my mood is NOT !

JACKI said...

yes... I'm sure next Monday will be 105 degrees. Welcome to Idaho

jaci said...

Yeah, you've read about my blues in the garden. I am so sick and tired of rain. The damn weeds are taller than the flowers. And still it rains. Gonna need an ark soon.

Jodi said...

Well once you get that arc built Jaci, head over our way to pick us all up!