Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Chicken Cooker Thingey...

You know I'm not a good cook. I'm really not. But, my sister-in-law gave Elmer the most awesome cooker. It's a giant clay pot that I just can't seem to ruin anything in! I've cooked a turkey, several chickens and pork - this thing is awesome. You can put your vegetables right in with the meat, you can make soups and stews. Anything you want to cook can be done in this clay pot.

You have to soak it in water for about 30 minutes before you use it, then just put your food in there and it's like a crock pot but better! I love this and everybody needs one. I mean it - EVERYBODY should go buy one of these.

My next purchase is going to be one of these...

This same sister-in-law (she's so friggin' awesome) bought one of these for Elmer's brother. We cook in nothing but cast iron. I love the way they cook, but I don't like the clean up. Yep, my next purchase is one of these. They're cast iron coated with enamel. I cleaned my brother-in-laws after a party once. It was a breeze to clean. I love these too! I love both colors - maybe I'll have to get one of each!

and, a few token pictures of my great niece. Is she cute or what?


jaci said...

Another thing we have in common: cast iron. I cook in almost nothing else. I love my cast iron, but you're right: sometimes clean up is a pain (did you know if you add water to the pan & bring it to a boil, you can scrape almost all that is sticking to the cast iron off before you wash it? An old cowboy showed me that trick.)
I love that crock pot crockery thing... Must get one... (I'm a terrible cook, too...)

Jodi said...

I'll have to try that tip. I'm definately going to look into the enamel covered dutch ovens though.

You'd love one of the clay pot cookers. Mine is a Romertopf.

Dee said...

Chicken Cooker Thingey-----that's the technical term.
I can vouch for the cooking-----we had chicken cooked in it last night by Jodi ? or Ival? anyway, it was perfect.

And the "kid" picture----well, of course she special and cute, she's our kid. It's inherited !

Linda said...

Jodi? Are you gonna start cooking and make the rest of us look bad???

Dang that's a cute kid!