Monday, February 8, 2010

Countdown to the Winter Olympics!

Only 4 days. I know there must be a cure, but I'm not willing to look for it. I am an Olympics junkie. I look forward to the Olympics starting the day after they end. Winter or summer, it makes no difference. This year, Idaho has 11 Olympians going to Canada. I'm impressed.

But it's not just about Idaho, it's about a country, and lots of countries. Almost every country, no matter how small, whether they're engaged in war or at peace, sends their best athletes to compete. It gives me 2 weeks where I can think of the good in the world. Whether the country is large or small, nuclear world leader or third world poverty, they seem to find athletes to compete. It gives me a sense of the true meaning of life on this planet.

Every Olympian seems to have a wonderful story, and if you watch, you find that's a huge part of the Olympics. So many great people and stories that have made them who they are.

Whether you're a sports fan or not, how could you not love watching things like curling? When do you ever get to see that other than the Olympics?

Go Idaho! Go USA! Go World!!!!


Dee said...

Its exciting and I'm so proud of our Idahoans participating. They are great athletes, with, as you say, great stories.

yeaaa------the Olympics is coming.

Anonymous said...

Ok, do you REALLY watch curling?? David and I think that is the dorkiest "sport" on the planet. What is with the little brushes? We've been wondering who would watch that. Now I know, and I'm related to her. I should've known.



Jodi said...

I liken curling to bowling. I think you have to be quite refined to truly appreciate the difficulty of it.


Casey said...

That first picture is giving me vertigo. It's like half of the bad dreams I ever have--I'm at a great distance from the ground and falling. *shudder*

I love curling. I totally want to learn to curl. It seems to take practically no athletic ability, which makes it my kind of sport.

Dee said...

Casey-----ah, but it takes hand/eye coordination. And it has to be hard on the back to be in that position for any length of time. But it is a skilled sport and thrilling when you win ! ( no, I've never done it but have watched )

Kate, the brushing makes it go faster, no brushing slows it down.

yeah, ya gotta be refined and dignified as hell to watch.

kate said...

Ok you geeks. Curl away. There is a curling club in McCall; we saw it on Outdoor Idaho the other night.

Jodi said...

Casey, I want to learn to curl too! I think they have a team (therefore probably classes) out at Idaho Iceworld.

Woot woot! Let's sign up!

Casey said...

Okay! I'd love to be on a curling team. I even have my own curling iron! *wink*

Jodi said...

Oh my gosh Casey, so do I! Look at all the money we'll save on equipment and how impressed they'll be when we go to join and tell them we already have the stuff!