Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Casting for Recovery...

Mark your calendars! May 15th is the date for the Second Annual Hillbilly Gatherin' and Warm-Fuzzy Fundraiser. It will be held at the Hidden Springs Barn and will once again benefit Idaho's Casting for Recovery.

This year, the Casting for Recovery retreat will be held in Challis, Idaho on June 4-6. If you or someone you know is going through breast cancer or a survivor, you can apply for this wonderful program here. The retreat is free and it's 3 days that you will never forget. You can read about my experience here!

Each state is responsible for raising their own funds to put on this retreat. Since Idaho's program is so new (this will be our 4th retreat) they have had a difficult time raising money. I have been asked to volunteer as their fundraising chair and our Hillbilly Gatherin' will be our main fundraiser.

While last year's event was really fun, this year it will be bigger and better and much more organized. My old buddy, Dave Victor was the most popular DJ in Idaho for many years back in the 70s when KFXD was THE radio station to listen to. Dave now owns Dave Victor's Sound Entertainment and has agreed to provide the hillbilly music for this year's event. Thanks Dave, you're "far out"! I'm also really excited that The Fire Kittens have agreed to come and do a performance free of charge. They do an awesome show with fire!

The reason for this post is to ask for help. I know times are hard. But in order to raise the funds we need we'll be adding an auction to the event. I have so many crafty neighbors and friends that I'm asking (ok begging) you to consider donating something you might think worthy. I'm hoping to find a cash sponsor to pay for the pig and a few other necessities and I'd love to find some donations for stays at lodges or hotels. Artwork, dinners, just about anything you think we could sell at an auction. If you know someone who owns a local business that you think might be interested in helping out, let me know and I'll contact them with the information about the event and the wonderful cause.

So, if you or someone you know would be willing to donate something wonderful for our auction, please let me know! We will truly appreciate any help we can get.

Casting for Recovery was so helpful to me at a time I really needed it. I want to ensure that every Idaho woman who has gone through this dreadful disease is able to enjoy the support and friendship I was able to find through this wonderful program.

I hope to see you all on May 15th and feel free to invite your friends!


Casey said...

You and your disturbing pictures again! My next nightmare is going to be of falling, and being about to land on one of those guys!

I have a Paul Calle framed print I'd donate, if you think it isn't cheeky to donate something that hung in my living room for a while. It's this one:

Jodi said...

Dear God Casey you crack me up! I used that picture several times last year talking about the Hillbilly party. (I think I also sent it to my niece trying to set her up). I think they're twins. Not sure why I like it so much, they just seem to fascinate me.

I know some guy at the party will love it! Thanks Casey!

kate said...

Every time I see that picture I hear dueling banjos. I think they're not only twins, but I'm pretty sure they're also cousins and quite possibly father and son.

kate said...

PS. I'm making 1 apron for a grown up, and then I thought I might make a matching mom/daughter apron set to auction.

Jodi said...

Thanks Kate!

And your analagy of the twins, well, I think you might have something there.

jaci said...

I need to RSVP. Don promised me that this year we would go to Idaho for this! All I need to do is let him know when.

I Am coming!!!

I'll be emailing my brother and inviting him ,too. I'll let you know!!

Jodi said...

Oh yea Jaci! Well, I see from the list Terry's a "maybe"! You're all three welcome to stay here - we'd love to have you! (and put you to work!)

Dee said...

You folks don't make fun of ma brothers-----we's triplets. Corse, they take better pitchers thun me.

Kristin said...

Hey Jodi...We will be traveling home that day so will miss it this year! But shoot me an email ( and I'll give you some names of amazing friends who are amazing artists who would most likely love to donate a piece of their art for the auction.