Friday, January 8, 2010

Addicted to the Internet?

This morning, my friend Jaci posted on her blog about being addicted to the Internet. Well, I have to admit, I am too. I check my email probably 15 times a day - is that awful? I read the news and interesting stories on my homepage, and I search for answers to questions I've always wondered about. I go to some of my favorite sites such as NatGeo and Bravo to see what new shows they have coming on tv (oh, I'm addicted to that too) and I check the blogs I follow at least 4 times every day.

However, one of my favorite things in the world is decorating. Especially, decorating with junk. Many years ago, when people would comment on my home, I always laughed and told them it was "modern junkyard". I've decorated that way my entire adult life - long before it was popular. I've always found antiques absolutely fascinating - wondering who owned them before I did - and especially finding new ways to use junk. THAT is what makes me truly happy in life.

How could you not love this? I've got to do some research on these stools...

For some reason, over the last week I've become inspired to do the things I haven't done for so long and fix up my house the way I want it. So, that's my goal for this next year. I have lots of plans and when I need inspiration, I'll turn to wonderful Blogs such as the two I added to my favorites this morning - Vintage Junky and Twice Remembered.

I have so many old books, this will definitely be one of my projects this year. I'm thinking the "powder room" downstairs...

What are your favorite sites or blogs that you check every day and just couldn't live without?


Dee said...

aw gee, wallpaper with old pages? Do you have any idea how hard that will be to get those off some day?

But those rooms are beautiful !

kate said...

Mom, Jodi won't have to worry about that; her KIDS will! ha! Like Grandma and her damn picture wall! :)

Jod, you should have a design blog! You could just gather all the interesting things you find on the internet or magazines and gather them all in one place. You really do have a gift for decorating with, er, junk.

My name is Kate and I a full-on internet addict. I have several dozen blogs and websites I frequent.

Let's see; there are the general interest blogs:
Pioneer Woman
Suburban Bliss
A Bad Case of the Dates
Cute Overload
Post Secret
Nie Nie Dialogues
The Daily Coyote
Go Fug Yourself
Baby On Bored
Breed 'Em and Weep
Awkward Family Photos
People of Walmart
Facebook (of course)

Huffington Post

And then there's the craft porn:
Sew Mama Sew blog
How About Orange
Angry Chicken
Soul Mama
House on Hill Road
Checkout Girl

Oh sure, there are others. But these are the ones I check most. It's a wonder I have time to work, isn't it??
*To my credit, if I weren't stuck in front of a computer all day, I would not be such a junkie.

Jodi said...

So Kate, how DO you get any work done????

JACKI said...

Kate... I can't believe Etsy is not on your list! Must be a mistake or somthing!

Linda said...

Well God Damn! I thought I was weird because I was addicted to finding adventure. I thought it was weird that I got so much enjoyment out of doing new stuff like sailing, scuba diving, finding whales, wanting to climb a glacier, and silly ass stuff like that. SHIT! I feel a WHOLE lot better about myself now. THANKS SISTERS! Now I love you even more than I already did. <3 <3 <3

jaci said...


Jodi said...

Isn't that just awesome Jaci! I love the old industrial springs they used for the stools.

Anonymous said...

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