Thursday, January 28, 2010

DAMN the Luck!

updated 12:10 p.m. MT, Thurs., Jan. 28, 2010
SANDUSKY, Ohio - A lottery winner who was struck and killed by a car in northern Ohio on the day she got her check had just spent some of the money on wedding rings for her and her husband.

The Ohio Highway Patrol says 47-year-old Deborah McDonald of Crystal Rock was walking home from a bar when she was hit by a car.

McDonald had been drinking and celebrating her winnings before she died, investigators said.


tallulah said...

I read that this morning. What luck! Guess hubby will be using the money for a funeral.

kate said...

Uugggghhh. That really does suck.

Dee said...

Some people just don't have good luck at all ! Now hubby will have the money from the lottery AND the returned rings !

Sheri said...

We can asume she died happy....thats a good thing! You really can't make this stuff uo, can you?