Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Where Have I Been?????

Woo doggies it's been a busy last 4 weeks! I've had goofy meetings at least twice a week. Meetings for a fundraiser we're doing for the Peace Officers' Memorial, regular Peace Officers' Memorial meetings, and meetings for Camp Erin which was last weekend. Had a wonderful time again but ended up having to come home Saturday night. We did a "grief ride" with the kids on the horses. We had signs up in different locations such as "sad", "angry", etc. and the kids would discuss those feelings as they rode the horses. We were standing at one of the signs and I was holding the lead rope on the horse when it got mad at the horse next to him and so he turned around and bit me on the right arm. Of course, it had to be the arm that I have lymphodema in and after a few hours, it started to swell. I hadn't taken my sleeve with me so I had to drive home so I could take care of it so it didn't get too bad. In a way, I didn't mind too much because the night before I'd only gotten about 3 hours of sleep as we had 3 women in our cabin who snored up a storm. UGH!

Remember these guys?????

Well, 3 nights ago, the 4 bigger siblings escaped, leaving the 2 smaller siblings in the cage. Night before last, at about 6:30, Elmer was looking out the kitchen window and said "The raccoons are back!" so we raced outside. All four were on top of the cage trying to get back in the way they had gotten out but we had blocked their exit. So, Elmer started catching them by grabbing them by the back of the neck and putting them back in the cage. Then we noticed that the more he got into what he was doing, the more raccoons there were! Yep, the little devils had obviously joined a local gang and rounded up some new "wild" friends and brought them over - obviously telling them about the good food we served. So, as we were putting them back in the pen, we realized we couldn't tell which ones were ours, and which were wild. Finally, the remainder of them had scurried away so we went to count and see how many we had recaptured and realized they had found ANOTHER way out and we were back to the original two.

Poor Elmer was scratched on both arms from the capture with nothing to show for it. So, we're going to borrow the neighbors live trap and get them all back in the next few days. I'll tell ya, raccoons are really smart!

I went yesterday and picked up my bra for the "Artfull Bra" project. I'll take pictures and post "pre art" bra and the "post art" pictures when I'm done. I'm really excited but I have to admit, I tend to have wonderful ideas and they turn out to be absolute crap - so we'll see!


Dee said...

Its a good thing you didn't touch those Tasmainian Devils. Sneaky little monsters. (cleaned that up) They look cute but their actions are NOT !
Have fun with your project and I'm sure it will be spectacular.

tallulah said...

Ah geez! A bite from a horse? That does not sound comfortable. I saw Elmer at the Merc and he with a straight face said that you went off the deep end, left him and moved to Seattle. After your last few busy weeks, that wouldn't surprise me one bit!

kate said...

Oh no! I can't believe that horse bit you! That's awful. BAD horse. BAD.

Love the story about the raccoons! You almost had a 'coon commune.

T, do you even KNOW Elmer?? He will look you in the eye and say the most outrageous thing that comes to mind. He LOVES to mess with people. Next time you see him, give him a noogie for me. Then a hug. I love that guy.

kate said...

Wait a minute. What sign were you standing near when that horse bit you? I think he was "angry".


Dee said...

Kate ------you're good !

Jodi said...

I felt sorry for the gal who owned the horses, she felt real bad! It was actually quite funny but it did hurt!

OMG Kate, I didn't pay attention at the time, but it WAS "Angry!" That's too damn funny! I only remember that because we walked by those signs 9 times that day and I remember where every one of them was!

jaci said...

You know the worst bad behavior a horse can exhibit is to bite you? Even kicking pales in comparison. No wonder the gal who owned the horse was so pale over it. But at least you understood WHY it bit. Horses are so contrary!

The raccoons are hysterical. I'm sorry, but that is just comic relief.

Can't wait to see what the bra looks like. I want before and during and after photos, lol!

I've been missing you!

Kelli said...

I hope the arm is better Aunt Jodi; that is no bueno! -Next time video Uncle Ival trying to catch those guys. I'm sure it would be a hit.

Departing for Boise at 5:20 a.m. tomorrow. See you soon!