Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Pink Project...

I'm going to be participating in a project for the local Susan G. Komen organization called "Artfull Bras". They are asking 55 Komen "supporters" to create an artful bra. Almost anything goes.

The Pink Project will be an event which will feature local breast cancer survivors and supporters telling their stories through an artful bra. Participating merchants in the Downtown Boise Association will host and display the artful bras and customers visiting participating merchants will vote for their favorite artful bra throughout the month of October. The kick-off will take place on First Thursday, October 1, 2009!


1. Each bra will be displayed in store front windows in downtown Boise.

2. The bras will be donated by Fashion Forms for artists to use for this project. Pick up for the bras will be scheduled for the end of August, the date is TBD.

3. Each bra will be displayed for public viewing. While there can be some artistic interpretation, it is important to remember that you are representing Susan G. Komen for the Cure as well as the host stores.

I thought about doing something with pink feathers in honor of the flamingo - born the same year as I was. I've also thought about doing something with "spys" to honor my friend Val who recently died of breast cancer. She was the Spy Mom who allowed me to work with her until she got too sick and had to give up PI work. I've also considered something I could do and call it "Breast Friends". Another thought was "Tough as nails" - a bra covered with nails.

Any other ideas? I'm looking at this as an opportunity to come up with something really fun and representing the women I know who have lived and died with breast cancer. I think that's why I love the "tough as nails" idea. I've also thought about doing something with pink sequins that would look like armor and calling it "bullet proof" or something like that.

What do you think?


tallulah said...

I like the tough as nails idea. You are so talented!

kate said...

I love the "tough as nails" idea too! That's awesome. You could spray-paint the nails pink before attaching them.

I love this idea; can't wait to see what you come up with, sis!

Jodi said...

Well, it's definately down to either "tough as nails" or "bullet proof". One of my friends from Ada County Sheriff said he could get me a bullet that's been shot into something so it's all spread out that I could attach to the bra. To look like the bra kept the bullet from penetrating. I guess I could also use that on the "tough as nails" one too. I'm just not sure which would be cooler...

JACKI said...

I like the pink 'tough as nails'!

Dee said...

What a fun project ! You are so creative and imaginative----I love your ideas . For the bullet, make each "breast" a target.
For the nails, I guess you could use a little sand bucket for each side, with the nails glued to them.
(Madonna had pointy something or others on her costume)
SOMEONE will come up with some ideas you can actually use.

Linda said...

I love these ideas,
I love tough as nails. But I'd leave the nails silver. It looks tougher. But put a pink bow between the cups.

I like bullet proof too, too bad you cant get an old kevlar vest and cover a bra with kevlar. With that mashed bullet, that would be cool. Can you have Mom or Jacki do one? Or Pam? Then both ideas could be used.

Jodi said...

I've actually started on "bullet proof" and will do "tough as nails" next year!