Saturday, July 18, 2009

365 Days...

This is my first post of the project I'm participating in called 365 Days. I take a picture or two every day and once a week I'll post the 7 days worth of pictures which I'll bore you with for the next year! Should be a fun way to track a year of my life!









Dee said...

I like the idea. Good pictures of "things"-----looks as if I need a nap. But Koby, as usual is so cute.

jaci said...

I like the coffee pot - very artistic. but the one of your mom is the best. (Even if she thinks she looks like she needs a nap - I think it looks sweet!)

Blank Girl said...

I love the kitty!! SOOOOOOO cute!!

Fancy Schmancy said...

Those were awesome!

kate said...

Those are great, sis!! I love this idea.

Love that photo of mom with Kobi. So sweet.

Michelle said...

Not boring at all! I did one on flickr once which was a self portrait a day for 365 days!

Talk about boring and self indulgent! That's me!

Jodi said...

Jaci, the coffee pot was something dad found out in the Nevada desert years and years ago. I love the "unhappy" face on it, although it used to give me the creeps!

Mom, you look "serene", not sleepy!

I'd love to see what you could all come up with!