Sunday, April 19, 2009

Another Elmer Story?

'Fraid not. This time it was me...

Elmer had to go to Cabelas this morning to exchange an injector for the big pig next weekend. He decided to drag me along with him.

I wear prescription glasses and also have a pair in sunglasses. So as we walked into Cabelas, I removed my sunglasses and put them in my purse. We made the exchange after about an hour of "Oooooooooh, that's neat, should we buy that?"


"Oh man we could really use one of those, should we get it?"


We finally made it back out the door and after we got back into the truck I took off my regualar glasses and reached into my purse to put on my sunglasses. We drove for a little bit and I kept thinking how blurry my vision was. I kept reaching up and rubbing my eyes. Nothing worked. About halfway home Elmer was talking when I looked over at him and he got this real puzzled look on his face... "Where's the lens to your glasses?"


"You only have one lens in your sunglasses..."

I reach up and take them off and damned if one wasn't gone.

Elmer had to tell me what an "old person" thing that was to do.

"Well thank God we finally figured that out. I've been wondering for the last 15 minutes what was wrong with my eyes, I thought I was havin' a stroke..."


Dee said...

Mrs. Elmer. Now I suppose he will never let you forget that !
Can you tell that you and Kate are sisters ------and my daughters?

kate said...

Oh my god. You and Elmer deserve each other.

jaci said...

ROFLOL! That is something *I* would do!

Jodi said...

Yes Jaci, I'm beginning to scare myself!

Linda, aka "Lala", aka "Hooty"! said...

You's a nerd, sister.

Jodi said...

yes, yes I am...

Dee said...

Lala, as you can plainly see---I have one daughter who doesn't belong in the Elmer catagory. Yet?