Thursday, January 29, 2009

Someone I Know...

is going to be doing a paternity test. His wife called a few places that send the tests out to find out costs. She found a place where the price was reasonable and began asking questions to find out how the tests are performed.

D - "So what do they have to do?"

Nice lady at the company - "We send a kit to each person and they swab their cheeks, put the swab in the return envelope, and send it back to us."

D - "So they just swab their butt cheeks and send it to you?"

Nice lady at the company - "What?"

D - "They swab their butt cheeks and send it back."

Nice lady at the company - "Um, no. They swab the cheeks in their mouths."

Somehow, I bet that nice lady at the company couldn't get off the phone fast enough to tell everyone about that.


kate said...



Oh THAT'S funny...

Dee said...

At least she's the talk of that office for----oh, maybe years.

We all say really stupid things----things that pop out of our mouths before we think !
My niece has twins, a boy and a girl and when they were born I asked her if they were identical !

tallulah said...

No! That woman who called must have been so embarrased. I don't know if I could live through that blunder!

kate said...

Tallulah, the thing about this family is that we not only LIVE through those kinds of blunders, we have no shame in telling everyone we know about them. See my post:

disa said...

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