Friday, January 23, 2009

Remaking America...

We talked a few days ago about a weekly post where you can post your thoughts, ideas, or ways you were able to make a difference during the past week. We only had two days this week, but if you had the opportunity to do something kind for someone, let us know here!

It won't be considered bragging, rather, giving those of us who read this blog, ideas that maybe we haven't thought of. My sister Kate found this wonderful website where you can help a soldier who's recovering from injury. Way to go Kate! Our friend Sheri hopped right on and found someone right in her area to help. I'm hoping she'll post what happened today!

If you didn't find an opportunity this week, we're not judging you! This isn't "Go big or go home" but if you did find some way to help someone, let us know what you did! Or, if you've come up with some ideas, please post them!

Here's a few I thought of:
Pick up litter when you see it
Know someone who really needs help? Let us know! If we all send $5 maybe we can make a difference
Take food to someone sick
Send a card to someone who may need a kind word "just because"
Know a single mom? Offer to take their child/children for a few hours while they run errands
Plant a garden and share with the neighbors
Drop flowers off at the doorstep of someone you think is wonderful
When you go to the store, call a friend/neighbor and see if they need anything (save them a trip)
Tell a child you think they're special
Teach a kid something you know how to do
Give the books your kids have outgrown to a school librarian and ask her to give them to kids who can't afford books
Know someone going through a tough time? Ask them what you can do to help.

Hope you all had a great week!


Jodi said...

I gave my tips to the teenage dishwashers every day this week. Ski/lunch money! But mostly I hope it made them realize I think they're doing a great job.

Jodi said...

Linda found an opportunity to do something good. Here's here post:

tallulah said...

Because of you I handed a $10 dollar bill to the guy on the corner of Albertsons with a sign that says, "I'm hungry. Need a cheeseburger."
I also paid for ther person behind me in the drive through line at Panda Express. She was a little elderly woman and I thought it would make her day!
Thank you for continuing to inspire!

Dee said...

Two things: one for a friend and the other kept me out of jail.

I called a friend from many years ago who recently had heart surgery.
Let her know I love her.

And earlier this week I saw a person I don't care for and didn't hurt that person.

Jodi said...

Tallulah, this has nothing to do with me. It's all of us working together to make the smallest of differences. Great ideas! I bet that little lady behind you at Panda Express was so excited and will pay it forward and tell others what you did and hopefully inspire them to do the same. Just a few dollars and you made a difference for 2 people. I'm going to try that one here soon!

Jodi said...

Mom, way to go! I bet that phone call, which you could have easily put off, was really appreciated. (and I'm glad you're not in jail, I would have posted your mugshot on my blog.)

Dee said...

Thanks a bunch for the threat to print my mugshot for all to see.

Jodi said...

Heather volunteered to work with her Professor on cancer research! I hope that works out for you!!!!

Anonymous said...