Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Elmer!

We had a wonderful surprise birthday party for Elmer on Sunday. Naturally, it was a skunk themed party. Elmer's niece Abbey was all decked out in her best skunk outfit...

and Allie and Grace were also skunks... and darned cute ones!

Lisa and Linda gave Elmer Billy Bass, the singing fish. Lisa is getting it back for Christmas sometime when she least expects it...Baby Kole choked on a piece of cantaloupe and quit breathing. It scared the hell out of me and I hope I NEVER have to witness that again. But our friend Denise and our nephew Les (who's training to be a medic in the military - thank GOD) were able to loosen the cantaloupe and after what seemed like forever but was probably only a minute, he started crying and soon after dislodged the food. I don't think I've ever been so scared in my life.

So then we had a nice family picture taken (minus Adam who split as soon as he was able - he's almost 15 you know and way to cool to spend too much time with mom and dad).

And of course, having all of his kids and grandkids together made the day really special for our wonderful husband/dad/papa.

Elmer is spending this week hunting for elk with all his stinky hunting buddies. It's a great way for him to get away and forget about work and the normal stresses of life. And, maybe he'll kill something...


Dee said...

Yup, gotta kill a critter ! Go for it, Elmer !

It was a fun party, and the skunk theme was great to see. I think Elmer was surprised----he didn't realize for awhile that it all was for him.

And it was scary and all turned out well---we all had our hearts in our throats for awhile !

Quite a day !

kate said...

Yay!! Happy Birthday Elmer!!!! I can't imagine how dull our lives would be without you.

That party looks so fun! LOVE the skunk theme. You guys are kooks. The whole damn family. :)

lisa said...

those pics are too cute. and if i get billy bass for xmas, you can guarentee your gettin it back for, like....new years!

jaci said...

How totally fun! (Except the choking part - and I had my heart in my throat for a moment there - and I wasn't even there!!)!
How COOL that Elmer share November with me as a birthday month! Except I am not 50. Drat that! Durn those YOUNGER men. Course, I should'a known you wuz a cradle robber ,too... (Don is younger'n'me)

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Yep, that was fun. What a great group!