Thursday, September 27, 2007

She'll Laugh With You, But She'd Rather Laugh AT You!

Kate is the youngest of the bunch. She's always been a free spirit - traveled Europe when she graduated from high school and never afraid to try something new. She was the only one of us still at home when dad died. I was so glad she was there for mom. She seems to make the best of just about any situation - always finding the good in people. She has a beautiful daughter Anna who is lucky enough to have Kate's great imagination.

Kate was the Pastor (yes, even though she's an Atheist) for my brother's second wedding to his first (and only) wife. She NEVER wears t-shirts with writing on them but bought herself this nice drag racing shirt special for my brother's wedding.

Kate recently met David - he loves her. When our family gets together, David often has to go off by himself because he's not too fond of the noise. So I wonder, how on earth does he live with Kate. Of the entire family, she's the loudest! She has this laugh you can hear from hundreds of feet away. To Kate, just about EVERYTHING is funny - nothing or anybody is sacred. The three of us girls seem to have this slight abnormality about us - we tend to laugh at other people's misfortunes - well, only if they don't get hurt too bad. But Kate's the worst of the bunch. If you fall down, trip, fart in public - any embarrassing situation - she's your worst nightmare. Not only will she laugh at the time, but will laugh about it for years to come.
We have these girls weekends once a year. Kate's always the center of our girls weekends - they just wouldn't be the same without her! EVERYONE loves Kate (well, except for a few cranky old farts at work who are annoyed by her guffaws). And as you can see from the picture below, she's the purdiest of the bunch... This was our girls weekend in Joseph, Or. - man we had FUN!
Kate is also the family rabble rouser. Never wanting to follow the rules. She got thrown in jail in Lewiston during her college years for driving without a license. She had too many speeding tickets! The picture below is a PERFECT example of her failure to follow rules. This last summer during our girls weekend, we rafted the Payette River. The cute little guide told us there was only ONE rule. NEVER take your hand off the T of your paddle. DANGEROUS! You can hit someone in the head with your paddle if you don't keep your hand on the T AT ALL TIMES. See Linda's hand next to Kate's - properly holding the T. There's Kate, sittin' with her hand OFF the T - just like she always does - going' by her own rules -even though I continued to point out she was in violation of the only friggin' rule we had on the trip.
And finally, after pointing out her violation for the fifth time - this is what I get.
Yep, that's Kate, she's the naughty one...


kate said...

Oh man...I'm crying with laughter. If I get fired, it's YOUR fault.

Worst nightmare? Worst nightmare?? I'm the best damn thing that ever happened to you guys....even if I was an accident. :)


jpogue said...

Hey, you were pretty darned PROUD of that hat! Besides, I hate to tell you but it shows your personality. Besides, Ival's going up tomorrow so everyone can laugh at him. K?

kate said...

Ival's going up where? I mean, I'll laugh at him wherever he is, but that didn'tmake sense.

I LOVED that hat; still do. Audrey Hepburn would kill for that hat. It's the buck teeth and 4 chins I don't really care to have posted on the internet.

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

Excuse me, Kate! You don't get to PICK what photos of you go on the internet! Especially when Jodi is behind it! Hey, the picture of me in my pick feathered sailing gear has been on there about 3 times now! Do ya here me making evil threats! Hell no! That's 'cuz I'm the 'sofistacated' one! I got class! Yer jes' the naughty one!

Dee said...

She MEANS Ival is going up on the slaughter board, the laugh line, the cause for cruel comments !

And, ------ that hat was something that ( for the first and only time ) we were all too kind to tell you how bad it was. But it was the only way we could get you in the picture WEARING a hat.

The great thing is -----we is all classy ! And we got coooth.

jpogue said...

Coooth? Holy crap, is that some new genetic deformity you haven't told me about??? And we ALL have it? Is there anything we can do to get rid of it or is it terminal? Why are you telling us this NOW???

kate said...

Mom, just for that, I'm going to have you buried in that hat. We'll see who gets the last laugh. Yep, TIGHT pig-tails and my Audrey Hepburn hat.

You are all just jealous of my cool and unique hat. It's ok. I'm used to it.