Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Regulator...

When we lived in Winnemucca, dad walked into the Power Company one day and saw this beautiful old Regulator clock on the wall.  It didn't work and dad asked if he could buy it.  They told him that if he would buy them a working wall clock he could just have it.

Dad took the clock and fixed it and it's been on the wall of every house I ever remember living in.  Dad collected clocks and each of us kids were assigned a clock (except Kate and she got Grama's beautiful old Victrola).  Steve and Linda got their clocks years ago but this Regulator was mine and it always belonged on mom's wall.  I never had the urge to even ask for it.

On my birthday, mom delivered the clock.  Part of me was so excited as I knew it would look right at home in our house, but part of me was sad.  I still think it needs to be on mom's wall, but she insisted I take it.

So, here it is, along with my new furniture...

It fits right in, doesn't it?  Thanks mom, you know I will love it just as much as you do.

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Dee said...

Yes, the clock is right at home , in that place next to the irons---it belongs there. I love it there. So enjoy its beauty, the soothing "tick-tock" and knowing that it is now home.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, dearest Jodi.