Sunday, February 23, 2014

Thankfully the Shotgun Was in the Far Corner of the Bedroom...

You all know I sleep on the couch because my hubby snores.  Well, last night Adam and Lorry had friends over so I went and laid on Adam's bed to watch the Olympics so the kids could watch a movie in the living room.

About midnight they told me their friends were leaving and so I went out and laid on the couch.  Adam was outside saying goodby to his friends.  I watched them drive off but Adam still hadn't come back in the house.

A few minutes later, I heard Ival get up and go in the bathroom.  A minute later I heard him walk out and then a huge shreek and a thud.  I thought he'd had a heart attack then lots of cussing and laughing, more cussing, more laughing.  What the hell????

It seems Stuart and Paige had been downtown, were on their way home and decided to stop by and see if we were up.  Really?  Stuart saw Adam outside and asked what Ival was doing and naturally Adam told him he was sleeping.  He asked where I was and when he found out I was on the couch he told Adam, "let's go scare your dad!"  They were just going to creep through the bedroom door but lucked out when they walked by the window and saw him getting up to head to the bathroom.  Adam (the chicken) hid behind the bed to watch while Stuart stood behind the wall by the door and jumped at Ival as he walked back to bed (in the dark).  I've worked on plenty of projects with Ival but I've never heard a string that long of cuss words come out of his mouth!  Of course as Ival was screaming at him, Adam and Stuart were laughing hysterically.

I'm surprised Ival survived it.  He's been having some stress at work and was told by the doctor this week that his blood pressure is too high again.  I have to admit, it was damn funny!  Leave it to Stuart to freakin' stop by our house at midnight to see what was happening.  What a goof.

All-in-all it was hilarious and I'm glad Ival didn't drop dead.  I have to admit, it was much funnier since it didn't happen to me!


Dee said...

Obviously nobody is commenting here and I'll be all alone.
That's ok, I'm fine with "by my 'lone".

kate said...

Oh my god!!! Funny, but seriously, that could have ended very badly! Poor Ival!

jaci said...

I would have murdered Stuart with my own bare hands had it happened to me... Glad Ival is OK and the joke went off perfectly!

Sheri said...

Testing this comment thing!

Sheri said...

yay!!!! Now, give me more to comment on.