Sunday, August 18, 2013

Awwwww, Elmer You Shouldn't Have!

I haven't been feeling too well.  Nothing serious just sinus, a nose I can't breathe through, fever, body aches, etc.
Mom went to the store the other day to get some saline for my nose and walked in with this, "because you're sick."

How sweet was that?
About an hour later, Elmer came home and said almost the exact same thing, "because you're sick" and handed me this... 
Now there is a story behind this.  I was sick and the flies were really annoying me and making me cranky.  I asked him to get me a bug bomb at the store because I wanted to kill every last one of them.  Thoughtful as he is, he called from the store and asked if I wanted fly strips too. 
"No, they're nasty, they get caught in your hair if you walk too close.  (I speak from experience.)  So, he came home with bug bombs, strips and the swatter.

Elmer and I have been married almost 26 years, and have been together off and on for almost 40.  Holy crap, that's a long time.  So, I knew this was NOT his handwriting. 
"Did it come this way?"  Really, what company would inscribe a fly swatter with "I love you?"
"No, I had the lady at the store write it!"
Oh Elmer, you shouldn't have!


Dee said...

Elmer is sooo sweet, soo thoughtful and oh so very practical. He was thinking of your comfort. (ok, I'm through defending him)

It's true, Elmer , you shouldn't have. It's a good thing your cranky wife also has a good sense of humor. AND loves you. I know ! you do love her---bunches.

Jack Spencer said...

Good to hear from you. Wasn't sure where you are retaliative to the big fire. I hope Sun Valley doesn't burn up.