Thursday, January 31, 2013

It's Been a While...

since my last post.  Ugh.  My daughter-in-law and son bought me an Ipad!  I haven't figured out yet how to access being able to post on my blog yet so I'm on my laptop which is hit and miss at best.

We discovered something about a month after moving to Jacob Springs.  Well water (or the pipes) stink.  Once the water had been running through the pipes for a while, nasty crap seems to build up and so our hot water smells like boiled eggs.  Nasty I know.  So today we have someone coming to put a filter on and hopefully that will take care of the problem.  If not, it could cost about $6,000 to fix it.  We may learn to love the smell of boiled eggs!

In other news, 2 nights ago Elmer took the buggy up near the pond and came back walking.  Last year it wasn't until March that he started getting vehicles stuck on the property, but this year we're starting early.  He was happy to exclaim, "I found a new spring!"  Oh shit.

We're absolutely loving it here.  We both can't wait until spring.  We're ready to start setting fence posts and put in pasture for some critters.  Grace wants to raise a 4-H animal so that will be our first priority and I'm ready to start putting in some beautiful flowers and scattering poppy seeds on the hillside.  Oh spring, hurry!

I'm missing Jake terribly.  I think about him every single day.  He's close to half way done with this job and should be home early October.  They're going to take a 2 week family vacation to Disney World when he gets back.  I'm so glad they have something fun planned.

I've been trying not to think about it, but Adam leaves for boot camp in a month.  I hope I don't spend 2 weeks crying about it like I did with Jake.  You know I don't cry.  I think he's ready for it, but not so sure about me.

I'm heading out to Rendezvous Reclamation today.  I'll take pictures and post what I find.  Wish I had won the lottery last night...


Anonyvox said...

Hey. What time are you going to the store today? Maybe I could meet up with you. I'm not opposed to taking a little time from work. I have a conference call at 1:30 that will last an hour. Shoot me an e-mail on my caseyoconnell address, willya?

My in-laws' house has the most horrific sulphur water you can imagine. If someone takes a shower, it reeks all the way into the living room. I had the flu there once when we were visiting at Christmas, and every time someone turned on the water in the main bathroom, I threw up. Good times...good times.

kate said...

Ack! I can't wait for you to get critters! I want to ride horses up in the hills!! What kind of animal does Grace want to raise? She realizes that they SELL them at the fair, right? Unless it's a horse, although I really enjoyed telling Anna that that's what she had to do with Neko when we signed her up for 4-H.

Spring is going to be SO beautiful there!! Can't wait to see the changes in seasons.

H said...

You need to go the Apple store, they will show you how to use it. Or we can have Todd come up and show you. The thing that looks like a compass at the bottom of your screen is Safari - it's your internet. Once you're there you should be able to log into blogger and begin blogging away! You can also take pictures and videos on the iPad and upload from there. Switching from a PC to a Mac can be really frustrating, that's why they have those classes set up.

We miss Jake terribly, too. And Grace has so much going on, if you happen to need to get a 4-H animal next year, she probably wouldn't notice. She has plans literally 6 out of 7 days a week. It's insane.

I'm not looking forward to Adam leaving, either. That sucks. We'll miss him!

jaci said...

How did I miss that Adam is factually going to boot camp? Wow - I bet he is thrilled. (I cried when Levi went, too - so understand THAT!)

I hope that Grace wants to do a horse so she doesn't have to sell it at the fair for food. I always had a hard time with that whole end of things. And I eat meat. No illusions here.

Pray for Jake all the time.

Sounds like you tapped into a hot spring? Oh, that's right - you're in Idaho. Yeah, all that lava rock and water pushed up through the layers of rock... Hope you get that fixed. P-U!

Can't wait to see more photos... Where are the photos of the stuck buggy??? haha!

jaci said...




Dee said...

Seems there is always something going on at Jacob Springs----not usually anything you planned or hoped for. And sometimes its funny , usually wonderful. So it is mysterious----wondering---"what next?". hmmmmmm

Kev said...

I hope the water filter works! Dad has that exact same problem at his lake house. I'll be thinking about Adam, so we won't get to meet either son in July I guess?

Jodi said...

Kev, we're thinking Adam will be back by July.

Jodi said...

Kev, we're thinking Adam will be back by July.

Terry said...

Garden Valley had that issue with iron and sulphur. When we put the new place in GV we had EcoWater come put it a system. It's been in for 9 years and no problems. Love it.
Thanks to your sons for their service.