Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Adventure Awaits...

Unless something goes terribly wrong, that piece of property we wanted so bad is ours!

After our original offer, the sellers came back with a counter offer we knew we couldn't afford. We decided to try one more counter and added a bit to our original offer. After waiting weeks, yesterday they came back basically asking for a very small amount over our offer. So tonight, we sign and accept their counter offer!

Next, we start 30 days of due diligence so we can get the survey done and get answers to any questions we may have before we close. I don't think we'll use the entire 30 days as we did almost all the leg work before we ever made the original offer. All we really need to do is have the survey done which should only take a few days. One interesting note, the property is called "Jacob Springs". For those of you who don't know, our oldest son's name is Jacob, so one of the first things I'll do is make a sign for the property with the name.

Wow. Scary and exciting all at once. So much work to do on the house before we put it on the market. Painting and a few cosmetic things and taking a whole lot of stuff to storage. But, the thought of having the property we've dreamed of is such a motivation that I should have every room in the house painted within a few weeks! We did the right thing when we purchased this house from the builder before it went into foreclosure 8 years ago. Elmer contracted the finish work out so our investment in this house was about $100,000 less than most people were paying up here at the time. So, we can list and sell this house for under $300,000 and still make some money. And, the new buyer will be getting a great deal on our house.

We've kind of decided that we'll put a barn up on the new place and turn 1/2 of it into a mother-in-laws quarters and live there until we can build a house. When we have a house built, we'll rent it out or hopefully Elmer's brother will come and stay in it.

Probably nothing too fancy, something along these lines...

I'll post some pictures of the property once we've signed the offer. After 22 years of having the "dream", I can't believe it's about to really happen. Elmer and I are going to have such a great time - it's everything we've wanted.

I can't tell you how excited I am for this new adventure!


Linda said...

Oh my gosh, Sis, I am sooo excited for you! I love it!!!! Yeeehaw!

I wish I was coming before october so that I could help paint.

But if there's still stuff to do in October, I'm all yours!

Blank Girl said...

Wow, that is SO cool! I'm so glad it worked out (fingers crossed, knock on wood that nothing goes bad in the survey or during any other process). Hopefully the house sells soon!

kate said...

If I were capable of crying I'd be in tears of joy for you!!!

This is so exciting!!! If you make that little mother-in-law aparment cute enough, you could rent it as a B&B. Or of course Elmer's actual mother-in-law could move in, once she's old and feeble. Like, next week. Hi mom! Love you! *snort!*

So are you gonna get horses? Huh huh huh are ya are ya are ya?! And goats?

Can't wait to hear more about it and see pictures and stuff. YOUR DREAM IS COMING TRUE!!!

Jodi said...

Linda, there better not be anything left to do when you come in October!

Heather, thanks so much! I can't wait to have farm animals for all the grandkids. Next summer we'll have a grandkids week and have them all stay for a week and have some fun!

Kate, I know exactly what you mean about crying! Hell yes, 2 horses are the first thing we'll get and the first goat will be named Kate.

We sign the offer tonight and hopefully within a month it will be ours!

kate said...

Yay!!! You will be able to ride all over the hills. I'm so, so happy for you! And insanely jealous.

Jodi said...

Well Kate, we'll definately have at least one wall tent set up for company!

Dee said...

This is just the bet ! way soooo great ! And I am so very happy for you. Its about time you get to have your dreams come true !


Dee said...

I mean, the BEST !

jaci said...


Anonymous said...

FELICITATION!!! Too cool :)


Jodi said...

Kel, please don't use words with more than 6 letters. I had to look that up (no shit). But thank you!