Friday, December 18, 2009

Crime and Spongebob...

We have Direct TV and I DVR a LOT of stuff that I find myself watching after everyone has gone to bed or when I wake up before everyone else is up.

Growing up, I read and owned, every Nancy Drew book that was out. I still love mysteries. As I grew up, I started watching true crime tv shows. Not the stuff with actors like CSI, but the real stuff. I just realized this morning, that almost every show I DVR for myself starts off with "The following program is real and may be disturbing to some viewers."

My husband however, watches Spongebob and thinks I'm sick. I have a feeling that sooner or later, Squidward is going to decide he's had enough of their foolishness and kill either Patrick or Spongebob, who knows it could even end up in a double homocide. Then, who do you think Elmer is going to turn to for help?

Yep. His sick wife who will be able to solve the crime. Someday, he's going to appreciate the fact I watched all these shows...


tallulah said...

I love SpongeBob. He is the funniest cartoon I have ever watched and I love giggling with my kids when I watch it.
After my husband kills me, I can solve the crime and be the next CSI in Hidden Springs.

kate said...

Ha! It's the same in our house, only it's Anna watching disturbing real-life shows on Animal Planet. I'll walk into the tv room and she'll say "Mom, you probably don't want to come in here. There's blood!"

I don't "get" SpongeBob, but I'll take Peanuts or the Muppets over crime and blood anyday. Now THAT'S entertainment. :)

Jodi said...

Well T, you've spoiled all the fun. You're not supposed to tell me who did it!

Kate, you're a wuss...

Dee said...

Anna has some Grampa Bill in her, watching animal blood and guts. We used to have to watch it while eating Sunday dinner. yuk !
Poor Elmer, too many young grandchildren ! Its all he knows on tv. uh, no, I've seen him watching the blood and guts hunting shows !

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