Thursday, February 19, 2009

Take That!

Bryan at Dad in the Headlights just posted about an LED scrolling message bar you can buy for just $69 to mount in the back of your car to send messages to people behind you as you drive. That's right, no more finger waving!

Here’s mine…

Hey buddy, your right front tire is about to fall off!

Did you know there’s a hand sticking out of your trunk?

Don’t make me stop this car!

Dim your damn lights dumbass!

And then I’d have a finger - could you do a finger? If you CAN do a finger, I’m gettin’ me one.

What would YOU put on yours?


kate said...

Hahaha!! I want one for the TOP of my car (to be seen in all directions) that says "Hang up and drive you dumb-ass!!"

*See that peddle on the right? USE IT!!

*Blinkers: helpful when other drivers can't read your mind!

*Not passing? Then GET OUT OF THE PASSING LANE!!!

Oh yeah, I could have fun with that...

Jodi said...

Oh, those are good!

kate said...

Jeez. Where are everybody else's ideas?? Are you and I the only ones in our family with road-rage? Oh, wouldn't you LOVE to hear Steve's suggestions on this topic?!

Jodi said...

Well, I know mom has road rage but her computer bit the dust so she's without it for a few days.

kate said...

OOooohhh. I didn't know that. Is she getting another one? Remember how we had to literally FORCE her to get a computer?! Who's missing the internet NOW, huh mom???

Linda, aka "Lala" said...

I want one too!

But mine would usually say something like," Oops, my bad!" Or, "Oh shit, sorry!" And my favorite, "I'm not from here, check the plates!" (I still have oregon plates on my car.)

tallulah said...

Mine would say...


jaci said...

How about:

I drive a stick shift and I can slow down REAL FAST without using my brakes. Wanna see me do it, STUPID?

I also like:
The long pedal. The one on the RIGHT. Push down on it.

Merge means Speed UP dammit!

Turn signal! Turn signal! It's the little lever on the steering column! I don't have ESP!

Want my bumper? You came close enough to have it.

I have insurance. DO YOU???

Oh shoot, I need to blog on stupid drivers... (hey, that could be a good LED sign, too...)

Dee said...

I'm baaaaack. My hardrive crashed when we had a power surge. Yesssss, I did not have a surge protector----I do now ! Jodi and I went shopping and I got a laptop, which I like, but I hate Vista. But I will learn it !

My fav: You're not alone in the world, you can't cut in front of me w/o signaling.
I'd have to make it simple for the simple minded.

one words:
Mo-Ron !
dumb shit

those would be understood.
I like everyone's ideas.

disa said...

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