Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Wholesomeness and Goodness...

One of my fellow HS Bloggers recently wrote about how they're getting rid of cable and buying boxed sets of their favorite shows from when they were kids. It again reminded me of how wholesome tv used to be. How I miss those days!

My favorite show when I was really little was Sky King. He was a rancher who, along with his neice Penny, traveled the skies in his airplane "The Songbird" looking for bad guys and saving those who needed saved. Oh how I loved that show!

It made me think about actually doing the same and buying boxed sets of some of my favorite shows such as The Flying Nun, Petticoat Junction, My Three Sons, Mr. Ed, Gomer Pyle, Family Affair, and Gilligan's Island. I almost think Adam might actually enjoy them too! Or am I just dreaming?

So what were YOUR favorite shows when you were little?


kate said...

I don't know if Adam would appreciate your old favorites; kids these days (yes, I said it, so what) are used to a different "speed", more action. But if nothing else, YOU would love to re-watch them. I say go for it.

I LOOOOVED Gilligan's Island. Also the Flinstones, the Jetsons, the Brady Bunch. Later I loved M*A*S*H, and Hee Haw, which makes me a REAL hillbilly.

Linguist Jake said...

Maybe try to ween him in on the stuff that really holds up against the test of time. Stuff like "The Twighlight Zone" or "Alfred Hitchcock Presents." If he doesn't like those, then he has no taste in television and can't be reasoned with anyways.

jpogue said...

Yes, I definately think he has no taste nor can he be reasoned with. I suppose if I did it, it would be to torture him and make him beg for release.

Sheri said...

Twilight Zone .... surely he will like that one!

Dee said...

My favs when I was a kid were:
Fibber McGee and Molly
(they had a closet that spilled everything in the world when they opened the door )
Lux Theatre
(the most wonderful colorful, exciting, lovely stories and productions)
Baseball games
( enjoyed with my Dad, exciting games, especially when that ball sailed over the center field fence)
Cowboy shows
( gunfights, the hero riding his beautiful horse---mane and tail flying in the wind, to rescue the heroine in distress).
All this we loved, enjoyed and saw on the radio !

Blank Girl said...

I loved Patti Duke, Mork & Mindy, and Lassie. :) Thanks to Nick @ Nite, I got to enjoy shows that I might not have. Oh oh, also Green Acres and Mr. Ed!

jaci said...

When I was homeschooling my kids we watched all the old movies I could think of: Harvey, Houseboat, The Birds, Bringing Up Baby, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane. We also watched cult things like the original Stepford Wives and Harold & Maude. My kids called it "torture" but I called it "educational."